Fruits & Vegetables and current Covid situation

Jul 08, 2020Saurabh Valsangkar

Dear All,

Thanks for reaching here and visiting this blog. I would like to put some light on how fruits and vegetable business is impacted in UK due to current covid situation.

I am writing this blog based on my personal experience. Lock down started three months back in UK. Initially things were so scary that nobody was sure whether to come out of the house or not. Slowly people started moving out of the house and things were kept in control, with some of the volunteers/key workers still coming out and doing their jobs.

Even though supply was not impacted due to Covid-19, the transit was definitely an issue. UK relies majorly on the import of food items. Flights were severely impacted from all the destinations causing shortage of stock, and hence impacting the price. Being a mango lover, I ordered initial few mango boxes at the price of £22/£23. Vegetables prices were very high too. 

There were two reasons, not many people willing to go on the job and increased cost for flights/transit.

This was the story at the market, but at home we were ordering below items from superstores 

  • Cauliflower
  • Spinach
  • Mushroom
  • Potatoes
  • Beans

This is what was left in our life.

UK superstore do not focus on selling Indian/Asian vegetables and fruits. It made me think, how can we bridge this gap. This website is our attempt to address this situation.

Prices of the products may vary little bit, however the reason for this is current situation and underlying administrative issues along with cost/wastage due to delayed transit etc.

Kids as well we all enjoy eating fresh fruits especially in summer. This year Zingox Foods UK present you Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, fresh from Farms or Flights. :)


Zingox Foods UK

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