Shivi Jowar Flour 1kg


About the Product

Jowar flour is made by grinding the small round grains of jowar (white millet). It can be consumed plain, made into porridge, roti, and other dishes, or used in combination with other flours. It is preferred by the gluten intolerant and is often cooked as a porridge to be eaten alongside other foods.

Jowar, also known as white millet and sorghum, is a grain that is usually found in tropical regions. To make the flour, the rice grain is cleaned, washed, dried, and then ground into a fine powder. Jowar flour is slightly off white in color with a nutty taste.

 Jowar is finding a revival in Indian cuisine as people shift away from refined flour.

 Jowar is a whole grain millet with many health benefits that lower the risk of obesity, heart diseases, blood pressure, diabetes, and digestion problems.

 Jowar flour is gluten-free.

 It is rich in fiber.