MTR Dosa Mix - 500g


MTR Dosa Mix is a brand that sells dosa mix in the marketplace of the United Kingdom.

?Contains: Wheat

It can be done to mix with a dosa recipe to make the meals even more flavourful. And if you are curious about where to buy dosa, you can go ahead and check Red Rickshaw which is available in the United Kingdom and sells spices and vegetables that mostly originated in India and other Asian countries. But what exactly is dosa?

In its most uncomplicated form, dosa is similar to a crepe and is a very popular street food in India. It is famous for its simple ingredients, interesting flavours, and sweet aroma. More so, it can be eaten as a snack, breakfast, or however, you desire. It originated in Southern India and has been said to be around since the 5th century. And just like any other Indian food, it has many different variations depending on the region and occasion.

The most common ingredients of Dosa are the ones that typically make up the base which is just rice and black gram ground together with a little bit of salt to taste. And even though the base is somewhat simple, there are many different flavours and also different ingredients required for each of those. Here are the most common types of Dosa and what they are made up of”

  1. Masala Dosa – made up of rice, lentils, potato, fenugreek, and curry leaves. It is more often served with chutneys and sambar.
  2. Neer Dosa – the word neer means “water” in the Tulu language which means that the batter is watery and not thick like a typical Dosa batter.
  3. Rava Dosa – made up of Rava (semolina), rice flour, and all-purpose flour (also known and called maida).
  4. Benne Dosa – this translates into “butter dosa” and is made with a lot of butter and typically served with coconut chutney.
  5. Cheese Dosa – typically made up of and prepared with fermented lentils, rice, and cheese.

Here are among the benefits of dosa:

A good source of carbohydrates.  Dosa contains healthy carbohydrates which provide the body with the energy needed to carry out different functions. It is a good option for people on a weight loss diet as well. Cutting out carbs from one’s diet can make one lethargic, low on energy, and, in some cases, lead to depression. Hence, it is best to get carbohydrates from healthy sources and dosa is one of them.

Provides protein. Protein is another essential nutrient required by the body. It keeps a person full for a long period as it slowly releases energy. Aside from that, it helps make the hair, bones, and muscles stronger. Though it does not have too much protein, it supplies moderate amounts of it.

Low in calories. Dosa is quite light and so does not add too many calories to the body. A single serving of plain dosa has an approximate amount of 37 calories per se.