Best Indian Fruits & Vegetables in UK

Best Indian Fruits & Vegetables in UK

Dec 11, 2021Saurabh Valsangkar

I always wanted to write something about fruits & vegetable market in UK and how things work from the time vegetables are picked up from farms and reach our kitchens in UK. When we buy from shop, process might not look  very complex but it is really important for all of us to know about it.

I will try to keep the process as simple as possible and then differentiate it between shop purchase against Zingox delivery model.

Purchase journey from Shop/Other Providers:

  • Picked up from Farms (day1) 
  • Local export market (India/Uganda/Kenya) (day1)
  • Imported to uk (day2) 
  • Distributed to International market (day2/day3) 
  • Purchased by shop on gut feeling (day3/day4)
  • Customer  visit  shop and purchase it (day5/day6)

Total  days for the vegetable to reach to your  kitchen is around 5-6 days. Even though from outside vegetable might look fresh but you won't feel it in the taste when you cook it. 

Purchase journey from Zingox purchase:

  • Picked up from Farms (day1) 
  • Local export market (India/Uganda/Kenya) (day1)
  • Imported to uk (day2) 
  • Distributed to Customer home (day2/day3) 

Its very obvious that we are saving multiple middle hops to get things delivered to our customers at earliest. This helps us in achieving better quality against our competitors, who are not doing pure online and import business of fruits and vegetables. Other online services, which fulfil orders from shops cannot provide similar freshness as they fulfil orders from the stock they order by guess. Zingox being 100% online platform always knows about exactly how much is the requirement. This helps us in minimising in wastage and always provide fresh stock to our customers. 

Let's consider simple example of any vegetable like Methi. Shop owner ordered 5  boxes of  Methi, for some reason only 3 boxes get sold on the day. First 20 unlucky customers on the next day will get old stock. This would never happen with us as we know how many Methi's are on order. This makes our platform more eco-friendly as well as effective as we commit to  your quality guarantee. 

We have exclusive partnerships with our importers, which gives us early  and exclusive access to some of the fruits and vegetables, which you will not find in any other shops/website in UK. For few of the rarely available  items, people used to travel 20-30 miles and get it, but Zingox adhering to different seasonal demands making such things easily available at customers doorstep. 

Our goal is to make sure that we provide very good quality products to our customers at affordable price. We want to make very unique and fresh products like Mango, Jack fruit, Sapota/Chikoo, Apple banana, yellow dates, guava, jamun, custard apple, different regional spices available in each and every corner of UK. 

Every year we process thousands of orders, effectively saving tens of thousand of miles if it was customer shop journey, which makes us feel proud of our contribution to control carbon emission. 

I would like to thank each and every customer, who ordered/supported and also gave feedback to improve our service. We feel like serving to our family and hence we always work as a team. Please keep supporting us and spread  word  about Zingox. This will give us ability to introduce more exciting products as well as reduce the costs further.

Thanks for reading the blog.

Zingox Team



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