About Us

Zingox Foods UK

'Zingox Foods UK' is started by an indian couple residing in the UK. During COVID 19 lockdown, there was a limited access to asian fruits and vegetables. 

UK superstores do not focus on selling Indian/Asian vegetables and fruits. It made us think, how can we bridge this gap. This store is our attempt to address this situation.

We provide fresh fruits, vegetables and other packaged food products at a very affordable price straight from the farm via flight.

Fruits and veggies are sorted saving you tons of time and efforts. 

Our goal is to provide the most seamless shopping experience to our customers. Say hello to hassle free weekly grocery shopping at your fingertips.

You can pre-order your items and get them freshly delivered or you can visit your nearest collection point.

We’ve listed the most regularly used fruits and veggies, if you think some items are not listed. Please, give your feedback, it is invaluable to us.

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us by clicking on “WhatsApp Chat with us” on the bottom right corner or email us at info@zingoxfoods.co.uk


Happy Shopping :) ,

Checkout our videos below 

Introduction to Zingox Foods

Zingox Foods new logo launch