Alphonso Mangoes


Alphonso Mangoes Storage Instructions

- Please do not keep Mangoes in cold place for long time.
- Please keep Mangoes in warm place, so that they ripe naturally. Avoid keeping it very near to Heater or Microwave.
- Please keep checking mangoes in couple of days, so that they do not overripe.
- For any questions/feedback please get in touch with our team.

- Please consume within 3-4 days of receipt of mangoes. 

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Please checkout our video detailing about Mango quality/ Origin etc below:

Refund Policy for Mangoes:

1. If mangoes exhibit signs of external blackening, refunds will not be issued for these instances.
2. Refunds will only be processed for mangoes that have been cut open and found to be rotten from the inside.
3. To initiate a refund request, customers must provide clear photographic evidence of all mangoes arranged on one plate, clearly showing their condition.

Please note that all refund requests must adhere to these guidelines to be considered valid.