Chausa Mango 3kg (9/12PC)

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Ripe but not sweet

The chausa mangoes were not sweet. They were ripe. We tried keeping them in the sunlight to see if the level of sweetness changed but unfortunately it didnt. They only started to become overripe

Sudeep Shenoy
Unfortunately the mango was not upto the mark

First Of all. The mangoes were squashed on one part. This was because the box itself was squashed either in transit or somewhere . The mango did not turn yellow and it was green with many rotten parts to it and tasteless. These mangoes were tasteless over riped with sour pungent.

Hi Sudeep Ji

After receiving feedback from customer we discontinued the product and now we have a mango from different supplier.


About the Product

  • Great in taste
  • Excellent source of Vitamin A and C
  • Based on the size of mangoes it would be 8 to 12 pc

Note : Mangoes are subject to availability due to heavy rain