Ashoka Palak Paneer (Tofu) 280g


Ashoka Palak Paneer 280g

Ashoka Palak Paneer (replaced with Tofu) is a ready to eat curry consisting of traditional North Indian delicacy of tofu in a midl spinach sauce. Try Palak-Tofu with Naan bread and Mint Yogurt Raita.

Produced and packed in India.

Ingredients: Spinach - 50%, Indian cottage cheese (Milk or Milk solids, Citric acid, Salt) - 20%, Tomato, Onion, Cottonseed oil, Green chilli, Milk cream, Ginger fresh, Sugar, Salt, Cornflour, Cumin, Turmeric powder.

Storage: Easipouch requires no refrigeration until the pouch is opened

This product is not available to be shipped internationally.