Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta

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About the Product

Aashirvaad Multi Gain Atta is a good nutrious healthy product. The extra protein in the Atta helps build strength, and also has vitamins that help build our  immunity. The Multigrain Atta is a unique combination of six different grains – wheat (90.9%), soya(5.2%), channa(0.5%), oat(1.4%), maize, and psyllium husk(1.1%). Suitable For – The integrated properties of different grains that infuse essential minerals and fiber for your daily meals!! Some of the benefits of using this rather than any other Atta brand is that -  This has higher nutrition value, and is also enriched with many beneficial qualities of different whole wheat gains...and is Easy to knead and roll, cooking with this flour is an absolute delight. Also, never the less..it is  much more richer in taste, color and texture due to a blend of different diverse whole grains.