Dairy Valley Special Diwali Sweets 300g


About the Products

Think of Diwali special sweets and you will have the dream world of everyone with a sweet tooth coming true. While there is so much to love at this time of the year-shopping, weather, Diwali vibes and so on. There is one thing, however, we look ahead to more than other things: sweets.

Sure, the Indian market may be flooded with a mind-boggling variety of chocolates and cookies, but nothing beats the warmth, taste and authenticity of traditional Diwali special sweets.

Special Barfi Box contains following sweets:

  • Chocolate Barfi
  • Kaju Roll
  • Milk cake
  • Bikaneri Barfi

Ingredients: see packaging


  • Stays for up to 8 weeks in fridge
  • Up to 6 months, if stored in freezer
  • Consume after opening within 7 days