Lijjat Papad 200g


About the Product

Made from an authentic blend of carefully handpicked Urad dal and spices
Crisp savoury accompaniment to the traditional Indian meal
Irresistibly tasty and crunchy snack.

Lijjat Urad Papad is like a thin wafer which becomes a crispy snack once it is fried in oil or toasted in fire. In a typical North Indian thali, a papd is a must-have along with all the other items. Papad made from urad gives an additional zing to the regular papad. Made with quality spices and good urad dal, this is a tasty accompaniment to any meal.

You can get variety of tasty and flavorful Lijjat papads with different shapes and sizes. Always check that they are dry and not stuck with each other. BENEFITS: Papad is a good appetizer and a source for digestive.