Shankar Roasted Rava


About the Product

Roasted Rava is milled from wheat, by grinding the husked wheat. Rava is also called semolina or sooji. After milling the wheat, it is passed through a fine-mesh till the flour and rava are separated.

Rava is used to make many Indian dishes in a short time like Rava dosa, Rava Idli, Rava Upma, Khichdi, and also sweets like Rava laddoo, Rava Halwa or Rava Kesari. Rava is also sparsely used to improve the crisp factor in Vadas.

  • Roasted rava mix is ready within 2 minutes and it has all the ingredients used for making upma.
  • It is used on popular dishes like Samba wheat rava Upma, Sweet Kes
  • It is preserved in a very normal way with no preservatives or chemicals
  • It retains the greatest freshness flavor and savors