Guruji Shikanji Syrup 750ml


About the Products


  • Made with 100% love and Natural ingredients, Guruji Shikanji Syrup¬†Sharbat¬†contains No Artificial Flavours, No Preservatives only Authentic taste.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE:¬†Tastes best with 40ml of Masala Shikanji Syrup mixed with 40ml of water and 100gm of ice.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS:¬†Add this tangy refreshing drink in water or soda and let the body and soul relax. Best tastes when served chilled.
  • STORAGE/ SHELF LIFE:¬†Keep cap well tight, store in a cool & dark place. Consume within one month after opening the bottle. Do Not Refrigerate. Shelf Life of 1 year from the date manufacturing.
  • INGREDIENTS:¬†Sugar, Water, Lemon Juice, Spices, Salt & Citric Acid, Class II preservative (INS-211), Contains added flavors and Natural identical flavoring substances.