TRS Urid Dal 500g


TRS Urad Dal 500g

When you take black urid beans, or mungo beans, split and skin them and you get Urid Dal. Also known as urad dal, maah ki dal, split black gram or black lentils, urid dal is a cherished pulse in South Asia. 


Urid dal is specifically used for dal makhani, and can also be used to prepare dosa, papad and vada. 


High in iron content, urid dal also contains protein, vitamin B, folic acid, magnesium and potassium, making it a top choice ingredient in healthy Dal recipes. 


  • TRS Urid Dal 2kg
  • Founded over 50 years ago, TRS creates authentic Asian foods, including pulses
  • Use Urid dal in black lentil curry, urad dal tadka and urad dal dosa

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