Frozen Ukadiche Modak (Pack of 11)

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Sameer Deshpande
Best Ukdiche Modak ever

There were one of the best Ukdiche Modak we had for really ling time. Best service hence 5star.

About the Product

It is called modak (मोदक) in Marathi,
Konkani and Gujarati; modhaka in Kannada; modhakam or kozhakkattai  in Tamil and Malayalam; and kudumu or "madhaka" in Telugu.

Limited stock available

This product is unique and innovative way of making ukadiche Modak without all preparation work. This product will be delivered as frozen.

Please note that due to current transportation situation this product is Subject to availability. 

 Steps to Cook:

1) Take water in pot or steamer

2) Bring water to boil

3) Take steamer plate and grease it with oil

4) Place modak on plate

5) Place the plate in pot or steamer and cover it with lid

6) Steam it for 10 mins 

Show Naivedya and Enjoy!!


Water - 35%
Coconut - 24.50%
Rice Flour 19.75%
Jaggery - 18.30%
Edible Oil 1.5%
Wheat Fiber 0.41%
Green Cardamom - 0.27%
Nutmeg Powder - 0.09%
Salt - 0.18%

Subject to availability and can only be collected after 5th or  delivered along with order after 5th

Book early as we have ordered only limited quantity this year.

As the product is Frozen , it is only available for collection  or local delivery at our local collection centres . If any special delivery arrangements are required please discuss with your local collection center.